Matar Ageta-6 , Arkel , Punjab 89 and Mithi Phali are the popular varieties under cultivation.


Matar Ageta-6

Its plants are dwarf (40 cm), erect, vigorous and green. It can tolerate high temperature and can be sown early in the season. First picking is possible after 7 weeks of sowing. Each plant bears 12-15 pods. Its green pod yield is 24 q/acre.



Arkel is an early maturing variety and takes about 60-65 days from sowing to marketable green pod stage. It is suitable for sowing in the first week of October under the irrigated conditions. Pods are borne both in double and single and are attractive, dark green, well filled, 8-10 cm long and each contains 7 to 8 dark green grains with a shelling percentage of 40. It is good for dehydration. Its green pod yield is 18 to 20 q/acre


Main Season 


Punjab 89

The plants of this variety are medium dwarf, vigorous, having more number of well filled pods (28-30 per plant). The pods borne in doubles and are dark green, long, very attractive having 9-10 grains per pod. It takes about 85-90 days for first picking. Average green pod yield is 60 q/acre.


Mithi Phali

It is an edible podded variety and its shelling is not required. Plants are tall (140 cm) with green foliage. The first picking takes place 90 days after sowing and subsequent pickings at 15 days interval. Average green pod yield is 47 q/

pea89 peaageta


Thrives best in cool weather. The high temperature conditions prevaliling at the time of planting results in the build up of wilt and stem fly complex which results in considerable losses in yield. Well drained loamy soil with optimum pH range of 6-7.5 is suitable


Since the incidence of wilt in September is very high, some what late sowing from mid-October to mid-November give the best crop.


Seed rate is 45 kg for early maturing varieties and 30 kg for main season varieties per acre. The sowing of pea can also be done with Seed-cum- Fertilizer pea drill on ridges .



Treat the seed with bacterial culture (Rhizobium leguminosarum ) to increase the yield and quality of pods. One acre culture packet should be mixed with half litre of water. Treat the seed with Bavistin @1g or Captan @ 2g or Talc based formulation of

Pseudomonas fluorescens @15g+1g Captan per kg seed before sowing to avoid seed borne diseases.


Line x Plant spacing should be 30 x 7.5 cm for early and 30 x 10 cm for main season varieties.


First irrigation should be given after 15 days of sowing. Next irrigation should be given at flowering and then at fruit set if necessary



Apply FYM at 8 t/acre and 45 kg of Urea and 155 kg of Superphosphate per acre before sowing.



Use Stomp 30 EC (pendimethalin) @1.0 litre per acre or Afalon 50 WP (linuron) @500 g per acre as pre-emergence i.e. within 2 days of sowing


Pea thrip, Pea-leaf miner and Pea-aphid

For controlling these pests, Spray 400ml of Rogor 30 EC (dimethoate) in 80-100 litres of water/acre when the attack begins and repeat the spray at 15 days intervals


Pea-stem fly

Apply 3kg Thimet 10G (phorate) or 10kg Furadan 3G (carbofuran) granules per acre in furrows at sowing. Avoid early sowing.


Powdery mildew
For controlling powdery mildew, Spray the crop with Karathane 40 EC @80ml or Sulfex @600g in 200 litres of water per acre at 10 days interval . Wilt, root rot and collar rot

Seed treatment and late sowing should be done



First spray of 400g of Indofil M-45 in 200 litres of water by the end of December. Three subsequent sprays may be given at 10 days interval



Harvest the crop at the proper edible maturity and do not allow the pods to over mature which impairs its quality.